Have an idea?

Protect it with a patent.

Idea Protection

If you have an idea that's ready to be unveiled to the public for the first time, it should be protected by a U.S. or international patent in order to defend your rights to that idea and any revenue generated from selling it. Without a patent to protect your idea, you could completely lose your rights to it and be banned from generating income from it as well.

Patent Services

Patent Searches

Obtaining a patent for yourself or your company for a unique product can be a complex and expensive process. It begins with a patent search to check if your idea has already been submitted to the patent office and also to make sure your patent will not interfere with someone else's current patent. 

Patent Types

The patent office has three types of patents available. A design patent is granted for new or original designs for a product. A utility patent is basically granted for inventions of a new process, manufactured products, or improvements to existing products, such as a better mouse trap or tire.

Patent Protection

Once a patent has been secured for an idea, that idea becomes the intellectual property of the patent holder or company. Intellectual property can be extremely valuable once it's put into production and will be known by potential counterfeiters who may try to capitalize on your idea.

Contact a Patent Attorney

If you have an idea that you would like to pursue a patent for, or you have existing intellectual property and need infringement enforcement, contact an experienced patent lawyer at Norred Law. They can assist you through the entire process from patent searches to licensing and patent infringement litigation.